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Moonset Monday – Meet Cole

Wow, I really fell off the radar with this one.  Me and blogging…best frenemies forever.

Name: Cole Sutter

tumblr_lp7f59gGpk1qccxt6o1_400Cole’s difficult for me to picture in my head, so I did a search for “blonde teen model” and picked one of the boys who looked close.  Right from the start all I knew about him was that he was awkward looking as a kid (big ears) and he’d just recently started growing into them.

What’s his deal:

Cole is the trouble maker, the prankster.  In any other family, he would be the leading source of trouble, but with Jenna in the mix, Cole takes on a backseat role.  In ways he’s one of the most child-like – Justin, Jenna and Mal have always done their best to protect Cole and Bailey as much as they can, trying not to make them grow up too fast.  Cole acts before he thinks, and even when he thinks something through first, he’s not considering the consequences.  He likes to be funny, he likes for people to pay attention to him, so partnering up with Jenna gets him opportunities for both.

But he’s also got a dark side.  Cole lets the things he’s feeling bottle up, and take over.  Sometimes he sinks into a depression that no one can seem to shake him out of, and then just as quickly it will vanish like it was never there.


“Am I supposed to be scared of you?” Cole laughed—laughed!—at the wraith. “You should see Jenna without makeup. That’s scary.”
“Cole, shut up!” Jenna and I shouted as one.
The wraith growled, the next chain flying a little sloppier, a little less fierce.

“You look like Betty White’s grandmother,” Cole called. “And you smell like a Kardashian.”

Senior Superlatives:  Most likely to get arrested during graduation, Prank War Champion, Class Clown

How his siblings would describe him:

Justin:  Challenging.

Jenna: Protege.

Malcolm: Seriously?

Bailey: Funny.

MOONSET comes out next Monday, April 8th.

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