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Moonset Monday – Meet Malcolm!

hughfeistblondeName: Malcolm Denton

When I first started working on Moonset, I did a lot of internet searches to kind of define in my head what all the characters looked like.  This was the picture I found that defined Malcolm for me.  Model pretty, and cast in black and white.

What’s his deal:Malcolm is the oldest, and in a normal family, that might make him the leader.  There’s only one problem.  A childhood spent trying to shelter and protect his ‘family’ has left a bad taste in Mal’s mouth, and he’s not a fan of magic.  It causes too much trouble, and gives people too much reason to treat each other like crap.  He’s the moodiest and the most isolated of the siblings, preferring to be on his own.  He’s openly gay, although with as often as the kids are relocated, it’s not like he has a public coming out in every new city.  People find out, or don’t, naturally.

If Jenna represents one extreme among the kids, Malcolm represents her polar opposite.  He’s cautious where she’s impulsive, kind where she’s cruel.  But he’s also the first one to go toe to toe with her and put her in her place.  He’s not averse to trouble himself, but it takes a lot to get him involved. He finds his curiosity getting the best of him sometimes, which never ends well. Mal’s also considered the ‘hot’ one, which isn’t helped by his stoic nature or loner outlook.  He gets objectified fairly often, and feeds into it even if he doesn’t mean to.  He’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie in training, and works out obsessively.


“Hey, check it out,” Malcolm said, nudging me and pointing back towards the entrance.

Through the glass I saw a man stumbling through the parking lot.  He wore a mechanic’s jumpsuit, stained from something more than just dirt- thick, dripping streaks splashed across his middle.  His long hair hung limp and scraggly around a face that hadn’t seen a razor in weeks, and a shower in twice that.

I couldn’t decide if he looked more like a serial killer or a homeless person.  “Crap, stop staring,” Mal said.  I focused, realizing the man was staring directly at us, and headed right for the door.

“What’d you have to stare at him for,” Mal whispered furiously.

“Me? You were the one who pointed him out.”

“I can’t take you anywhere,” Mal said wit

h an embarassed huff.

Brothers are so overrated.

Senior Superlatives: Best Dressed, Most Likely to Succeed, Best Brooder, Most Likely to be Stalked.

Party of Five Sibling he’s Least Like: Charlie, played by Matthew Fox.  Sure, they’re both the oldest, but Charlie steps up to take care of his siblings, and Mal’s just not comfortable with that.  He let’s Justin take the lead, and only steps in when things get too far (i.e. any time Jenna has any fun at all).

Theme song: Tricky thing, Mal has a theme song, but it’s more for book 2 than for the first book.  I’d have to go with “Everybody loves me” by One Republic.

How his siblings would describe him:

Justin: Trustworthy.

Jenna: …bitch.

Cole: Vanilla, but cool.  Like french vanilla.

Bailey: Dad-like.

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