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Moonset Monday: New Cover Copy, Blog Tour, and a Teaser

First off, I’ve seen the final cover copy for Moonset, and I love it.  Flux always does such a great job with these.    Without further ado:

Moonset, a coven of such promise . . .

Until they turned to the darkness.

After the terrorist witch coven known as Moonset was destroyed fifteen years ago—during a secret war against the witch Congress—five children were left behind, saddled with a legacy of darkness. Sixteen-year-old Justin Daggett, son of a powerful Moonset warlock, has been raised alongside the other orphans by the witch Congress, who fear the children will one day continue the destruction their parents started.

A deadly assault by a wraith, claiming to work for Moonset’s most dangerous disciple, Cullen Bridger, forces the five teens to be evacuated to Carrow Mill. But when dark magic wreaks havoc in their new hometown, Justin and his siblings are immediately suspected. Justin sets out to discover if someone is trying to frame the Moonset orphans…or if Bridger has finally come out of hiding to reclaim the legacy of Moonset. He learns there are secrets in Carrow Mill connected to Moonset’s origins, and keeping the orphans safe isn’t the only reason the Congress relocated them…


Next up, the lovely ladies over at Rockstar Book Tours are organizing a blog tour for Moonset, and there will be lots of shenanigans afoot.  If you’re a blogger and interested in participating, click the banner or the link to get involved!

There is also a book blast being organized by the fantastic Amber over at Me, My Shelf, and I that will have some awesome prizes when it goes live.  So bloggers, make sure to check it out! :)

And finally, a teaser just because I’m struggling for a third thing to include this week! ;)

The mortar between the bricks was crumbling down into sand, spilling out from between the stones like a broken hourglass. In places, larger chunks were breaking free, no bigger than pebbles, and bouncing off the tiled floor where they struck.
Something swept over me, a feeling, or a warning, and I grabbed Cole and pulled him closer.
“Honestly, there’s nothing to be scared of,” Miss Virago said, her mouth barely able to express such an incredible amount of contempt. “You’re all being ridiculous.”
The front of the school exploded inward, just to prove her wrong.


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