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Moonset Monday: Meet Jenna!

Nina DobrevSo Moonset comes out in a little less than 5 months.  And I thought, what better way to introduce you guys to the book than to do some sort of Moonset Monday theme on the blog.  So to start out, I thought I’d introduce one of the five main characters of the Moonset series.  When I pitched the first book, I called it Party of Five meets the Craft.  And if you don’t know what Party of Five is….what is wrong with you.  Get thee to Youtube!

Name: Jenna Bellamont

What’s her deal:  Jenna’s the troublemaker.  Her father was the leader of the Moonset coven, a trait she shares with her brother, Justin, although they each have different mothers.  But where Justin is even-tempered and solid, Jenna is wild.  She likes being a witch, and hates the fact that the adults keep her from learning all the magic she wants to.

She enjoys stirring the pot, messing with people, and generally alleviating what she sees as ‘boredom.’  She’s the main reason the Moonset kids are currently on their seventh school in three years.  When Jenna gets bored, things have a tendency to get bad very, very quickly.


“Incoming,” Jenna announced as she strode into the kitchen. “It’s the Witch of Skankbird Pond again.”

Heavy footfalls started down the stairs as Meghan Virago swept down the hall.  She was still wrapped up in the same dark green overcoat, her hair pulled away from her face.  “The Congress still has some questions for the two of you.”

“I thought we finished this already,” Quinn said in an icy tone.

“Is this some kind of good cop, bad dye job thing?” Jenna asked, looking between them.

Senior Superlatives: Crazy Hot, Most Likely to End up in Jail, Biggest Flirt, Most Likely to Marry Rich

Party of Five Sibling She’s Least Like:  Julia, played by Neve Campbell.  Julia started out fairly passive, needy, and struggled to fit in and find her place, and that’s pretty much the exact opposite of Jenna.  Jenna is acerbic, headstrong, and expects the world to try to fit in around her.

Theme song: For a girl that likes attention and games, being in the ring is perfect.

How her siblings would describe her:

Justin:  …complicated.

Malcolm: Bitch.

Cole: Badass.

Bailey: Sweet, but scary.

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